Vanuatu 2021 Budget Data

Welcome to our interactive deep dive into Vanuatu's 2021 budget

All of the information from this site is derived from the bills presented to Parliament earlier this month. The charts on these pages welcome exploration. Hover over or click on any of the top-level items to see more details. The tables below provide specific detail. Press the Reset button to return the chart to its original state.

A few notes about this data:

  1. MPs are asked to vote on all goverment spending for the coming year. This includes both donor money and our own. Because of the way the information is presented, it's not always possible to be sure which is which.
  2. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for managing payments to all constitutional agencies, as well as to outside partners. Loan repayments, membership fees for regional and global organisations and other payments are all listed under this ministry. That can make it appear to be doing a lot of the spending.
  3. Next year, we will make about VT 6 billion in external payments. About VT 3 billion of this is external debt, and VT 1.2 billion is domestic debt. The remainder is grant payments to various entities. This represents almost 12% of all the money spent next year. This continues the government's aggressive debt-reduction policy. In 2019 and early 2020, about VT 3 billion was spent paying down debts ahead of schedule.