Nothing matters more than the truth. It may not always be easy to take, but it’s all we have. Finding ways to convey it so that it’s clear, complete and concise is hard. But that’s what we do.

Need to know about a programme or policy? We’ve got answers:
Our research has consistently informed the public about the opportunities and liabilities of Vanuatu’s controversial passport programmes. We’ve measured its merits and compared it to other programmes elsewhere in the world. Few countries have seen this much transparency and detail concerning their citizenship programmes.
Need to vet an investor or company? Call us.
Few people have done more to verify and collate information concerning the good, the bad and the ugly of Vanuatu’s investment environment. If you have questions, we’ll find answers.
Need to present detailed information with clarity? Call us.
We don’t just compile, collate and leave it there. We make sure what we find makes sense, not just to you, but to your audience as well. We help define who you need to be speaking to, and tailor the message to them.
Need to see the big picture? Call us.
We can pull it all together and shape the information you need into something that makes sense. We’ll make it as simple as it can be made, and no simpler.